How to Order

Healthcare professionals may order educational materials in one of five ways:

Please allow three to four weeks for delivery.

Free Materials If you are ordering only free materials (see list below), please mail or fax this form or use this page to order online.

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Available for Purchase
Informational Tear Pads Shipping Costs

$4 plus shipping per informational tear pad (50 sheets per pad).

Newsletters Shipping Costs

$4 plus shipping per pack of 50 newsletters.

Booklets Shipping Costs

$1 per booklet plus shipping

DVDs Shipping Costs

$5 per DVD plus shipping
Contains the English and Spanish versions of Vaccines: Separating Fact from Fear and Vaccines and Your Baby videos

$3 per DVD plus shipping

$3 per DVD plus shipping

$3 per DVD plus shipping

Rash poster Shipping Costs

Clipboard Shipping Costs

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Immunization Schedule Clings

In order to assist you with placing the most economical order, the options for each set of clings are limited. If you want to order a larger quantity, please move to the next quantity option in the list. Savings are based on the quantity you are ordering.

Shipping Costs (View cling image)

Coloring Books Shipping Costs

Pricing: for quantity of 1-99, price is $1/book plus shipping. For quantities of 100 or more, price is 75 cents/book plus shipping.

Note: Quantity discounts apply only for quantities ordered in a single language.


Please review Shipping Costs

Additional charges may apply for orders outside the continental U.S.