Educational Materials for Parents

Price and Ordering Information

The Vaccine Education Center has a few materials available for purchase by interested parents or the public:

  • Vaccines DVD - This DVD contains approximately 30 minutes movies about vaccines - Vaccines and Your Baby and Vaccines: Separating Fact from Fear. Both movies are included in English and Spanish on the DVD. The DVD costs $5, plus $5 shipping.
  • Vax Pack Hero trading cards - These collectable trading cards feature heroes from the Vax Pack Hero online game. Each set contains 14 cards and costs $3 per pack or $8 for all three packs ordered in a single order, plus shipping and handling of $2 or $4 depending on quantity ordered.
  • Hilleman film - This disc contains the award-winning documentary Hilleman: A Perilous Quest to Save the World's Children and as a special feature, nine animations that explain immunity and vaccines. Available in DVD, Blu Ray or streaming formats from First Run Features.

Order the Vaccines DVD or Vax Pack Hero trading cards in one of three ways:

Orders will be shipped FedEx Ground upon receipt of payment (please allow three to four weeks for delivery). You may pay by check, money order or credit card (PayPal or by calling with cc information).

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DVD titled "Vaccines" contains the English and Spanish versions of "Vaccines: Separating Fact from Fear," and "Vaccines and Your Baby."

You will also receive the "Vaccines and Your Baby" booklet at no extra charge. Please select the language you prefer or "no booklet" if you do not wish to receive one.

A $5 shipping and handling charge will be added to orders for the above DVD.

Vax Pack Hero Cards
A flat $2 shipping and handling fee will be added for each individual set, up to 3 sets, or 1 Tri-Pack
For 4 to 18 individual sets or 2 to 6 tri-packs, a $4 shipping and handling fee will be added.
If ordering more than 18 individual sets or more than 6 Tri-Packs, please call the Vaccine Education Center.


Shipping costs will apply per listing above.

Additional charges may apply for orders outside the continental U.S.

All credit card payments are made through PayPal. Please click "Continue to Payment" below to complete the registration process and provide payment through PayPal.
Note: A PayPal account is not needed to complete transaction..
If you wish to pay by credit card but not through PayPal, please call the Vaccine Education Center at 215-590-9990
If you wish to pay by check or money order, please complete and mail this form with payment.