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Blood Culture - SBE

  • Synonyms: Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis Blood Culture
  • LIS Mnemonic: CBSBE


    Blood collected in a blood culture bottle (Maximum 5 mLs per bottle).

    <1.5 weight in kg = 1 mL total blood volume needed = 1 bottle
    1.5-3.9 weight in kg = 1 mL total blood volume needed = 1 bottle
    4-7 weight in kg = 3 mL total blood needed = 2 bottles
    8-13 weight in kg = 6 mL total blood needed = 3 bottles
    14-18 weight in kg = 12 mL total blood needed = 3 bottles
    19-25 weight in kg = 16 mL total blood needed = 4 bottles
    26-39 weight in kg = 20 mL total blood needed = 5 bottles
    >40 weight in kg = 32 mL total blood needed = 8 bottles

    Volume Required

    1% of patient total blood volume (see above chart for calculations)

    Minimum Required

    Depends on weight of patient (see above chart for calculations)


    Send to the lab immediately at room temperature. Limit to one bottle per pneumatic tube system carrier (one bottle per bag) to avoid breakage.


    Bottles stable up to 2 hours after collection

    Unacceptable conditions

    Bottles should not be refrigerated. Stopper should not be removed from the bottle. All needles should be removed from bottle before sending to the lab.

Days Performed



Updated daily until final (final as negative in 10 days)






Divide among multiple bottles if total draw is > 5 mLs.
Refer to information located under "Clinical Laboratories" for the Microbiology section: Forms and Documents. Document: "Guidelines on Blood Culture for Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis".