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Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

  • Synonyms: Chem18
  • LIS Mnemonic: CMETP


    Light Green (PST - Lithium heparin)for CMETP Homecare should collect a grey top for glucose Satellite Locations: Must send a Gold Top tube instead of a Light Green

    Volume Required

    2 mL

    Minimum Required

    1 mL


    Room temperature


    4 hrs room temp and 3 days refrigerated post centrifugation


    Place specimens in rack for 30 minutes prior to centrifugation to allow for complete clotting of sample. All chemistry specimens collected in a SST or PST should be centrifuged at 3,400 RPM's for 10 minutes. If there is gel separating the serum or plasma from the red cells, it is not necessary to transfer the serum or plasma to another tube. Follow directions in the centrifuge manual to set the centrifuge appropriately.If there is not gel separating the serum or plasma from the red cells, transfer the serum or plasma using a disposable pipette to another tube (pour off tube) being careful not to disturb the buffy coat. Rubber band the original tube (parent tube) with the labeled pour off tube prior to sending the specimen to CLS.

Days Performed



STAT: 45 Min. ROUTINE: 90 Min

Reflex Testing

BU added if BIT>1.5 mg/dL





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