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Hepatitis A virus (HAV) antibody (total) - serum specimen

  • LIS Mnemonic: HAVTOTAB


    Gold (SST - Clot activator & gel)

    Volume Required

    2 ml blood

    Minimum Required

    1 ml serum


    A total of 2-4 ml of blood (for every 2-3 HIV and Hepatitis tests ordered) should be collected and submitted at room temperature to the laboratory.

Days Performed

Monday thru Friday






Microparticle Enzyme Immunoassay

Disease Information


This assay measures total antibody (IgM + IgG) responses to Hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection. HAV total antibody is an indicator of recent or past infection with Hepatitis A virus or seroconversion following immunization. If recent HAV infection is suspected, also order Hepatitis A IgM antibody. Testing of serum for total anti-HAV is used to determine the immune status of an individual, to assess a person's risk for traveling to an endemic region or working in a high-risk area, and to assist in making decisions to administer HAV vaccine or immune globulin prophylaxis following exposure to HAV.


The presence of HAV total antibody is indicative of either a past or present infection with hepatitis A virus or vaccination against HAV. A positive

Reference Values

Negative or nonreactive for total antibody (IgG & IgM) to hepatitis A virus (HAV)

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